The photographer is a goldwasher; exactly when he is involved in a project, He harvests pearls in his way.
It is inevitable.
It is compulsive.
To deny and escape from reality is a challenge.
It doesn’t care which object is being talked about.
The purpose is aesthetic, is to delight.
Post Cards
Post cards are one of the best ways to publicize a work.
Nobody knows where a post card can go.
Religious Party - Brazil
In between drums and colors.
Images coming from a popular festival in Brazil in devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary.
Friend´s Photos
There is always that photo we didn’t take, but we sure would like to have been responsible for taking it and bringing it to the world.
Many other photos, from a number of other photographers are commendable.
If only we had the pleasure to say: this one is mine!
The São Luis´s colors
In the middle of the old city center of Sao Luis all colors blend.
Tuesday, June 28, 2022